Monday, October 5, 2009

Interactivity in Web Design: A Beginner's Guide

For those of you who enjoyed my earlier post on interactive web sites, I have some good news to share. A new article, titled Interactivity in Web Design: A Beginner's Guide has appeared on Desizn Tech. This article is a convenient starting point for those of you who need a quick primer on interactive web design.

The article first draws a distinction between Single User Interactions and Multi-User Interactions. It then gives numerous examples of each type of interaction on some very well-designed websites.

The article, written by Poonam and edited by Kawsar Ali, then goes on to answer the key question: How do I add interactivity to my website?

For single user interactions, their prescriptions include javascript, jquery sliders, photo gallery, CSS navigation and rapid interactivity. For multi-user interactions, the ideas they suggest include chat, polldaddy, slideshare, shoutmix and TeemingPod, among other tools.


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  3. Hey, that was a great article. You were good to point out the different tools used in single interaction and multi-user interaction.