Friday, September 25, 2009

Interactivity Spells The Midas Touch in Web Design

The telltale signs of a sea change in website design using rapid interactivity are beginning to show. Success stories of interactive websites are emerging in different parts of the world. With minimal cost and effort, designers of these sites are adding the midas touch. Who are these web designers? What are they doing differently?

Interactive websites present their message in a very attractive and engaging way. Considered the American Baptist Church web site, which presents the Call to God in way that is sure to attract and engage the younger visitors, who play with a 3 dimensional cube that rotates and narrates its messaging with voice and pictures. The message in this case talks about one’s connection with God through prayers, and volunteering for the local church. It targets the youth aptly through the creative use of interactivity. A great example that shows how a non-profit organization uses interactivity to convey its message effectively.

When I talk about success, I am not really surprised to see the commercial use of interactivity done effectively. A firm that deals with professional Internet Marketing Services aptly displayed their portfolio through Panning Cards. This interactive feature engages users and encourages them to get a quick visual of each portfolio item, with an option to drill down for more. That’s what I call reaching your varied target audience with a bang!

There is a whole new generation of website design. As Clayton Christensen argues in his celebrated book The Innovator's Dilemma, disruptive innovations start in under-served markets. New generation web designers are yet again demonstrating efficiencies in their work with rapid interactivity, trumping traditional ways of web design. The question remains…will this work for you? The answer lies solely with you!

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