Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interactivity - beyond mere interfaces

Now that we have reviewed (in our earlier blog posts) how Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are advancing interactivity technology, let's take the time to return to basics.

Many people confuse interactivity design with interface design. In this post, I wish to present a simple table that would clarify the difference between interactivity and interfaces.

Beyond Interfaces to Interactivity

What is it?
The point of access to some functionality. Examples: Radio Button, Text Box, Hyperlink
The whole experience of doing stuff. 
Examples:User Poll, Mind Map, 3D Navigational Space
Make it intuitive and easy to use functionality of a software
Make it engaging and compelling experience surrounding a functionality
How it is implemented?
Programming using Javascript, HTML, APIs and Flash
Quick and easy configuration without programming

In short, interactivity is a giant leap forward from mere interfaces. Any thoughts?