Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Hundred Ideas to Make Your Presentations Sizzle

I am preparing for a press conference scheduled for tomorrow. I'm nervous. No, it is not about what I am going to say. It is about how I am going to say it. I meet this group of journalists - mostly business reporters from local bureaus of national newspapers - quite regularly. They are familiar with my style of presentation - yet I worry about making my slide deck interesting, attention-worthy and entertaining.

All of us have had this experience of butterflies at one time or another. What do most of us do about it? Nothing much. Sometimes we stop by at a bookshop and buy a book on better presenting. Won't it be nice to take some time out and discover the latest in tools and methods of presenting?

A good starting point is a free e-book titled 100 Resources for Presenters. This e-book, brought to you by Raptivity Presenter, is nothing short of a treasure for anyone interested in better presenting. New interactive platforms are deeply impacting the ways of preparing and disseminating presentations.  You can build presentations better and faster using templates, make them interactive, present them online and leave them online for review, discussion and feedback. Leading gurus and thought leaders continue to blog and write articles about new tools and techniques that advance the art of presenting a notch every now and then. All of this is captured in this e-book.

Here is what the e-book gives you.
  • 15 Great ways to share presentations online
  • 15 Useful blogger websites on PowerPoint Presentations
  • 15 Useful tips on effective use of Raptivity Presenter to make presentations interactive
  • 15 Well known PowerPoint‐ Microsoft Valued Professionals
  • 10 Highly useful presentation tools for sales & marketing
  • 10 Websites for PowerPoint templates 
  • 5 Great articles on how to make presentations interactive
  • 5 Popular presentation conferences & events worldwide  
  • 5 Reasons for webinar marketing
  • 5 Well known communities & forums for presentation resources
You can download the e-book free by clicking here. Good luck for your next presentation.

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